aug 30

I was afraid to eat at first.

I brought one of my frozen veggie juices with me as I was gone from 8 am - 5 pm. I started drinking it at about 1 pm. finished it about 4 pm. It was the perfect thing. And it tasted really good too. Now I'm not sure which one it was, as I made two different kinds yesterday. I don't think it had the cucumber in it. So I think it was the lettuce, kale, collards, orange, and apple one. I was surprised at how good it was. I thought I was going to have to force down anything with juiced kale and collards. of course, the apple and orange juice helped.

When I got home I was hungry and ate a normal meal. That was 2 corn on the cob (only 8 days left of fresh corn), avocado butter, a small bowl of yesterday's veggies, beans & greens dish, and half an orange. It was all delicious, a further reminder that there is no reason to stray from this. I am not deprived of anything with this diet!