aug. 31

brekky: veggie juice. this time I tried the one with the cucumber in it (from Chef AJ). It was good but not quite as good as the other one. I also had a small pear.

lunch: a few carrots and celery, some of the weekend's beans, greens & veggie bowl, 2 corn on the cob + avocado butter. snacked on corn that I was prepping for freezing.

dinner: rest of the beans, greens & veggie bowl to which I added fresh-frozen corn. small musk melon, raw carrot, some sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. okay, I thought I was done with dinner at this point, but then someone I was corresponding to gave me the idea to have peas and corn, and I couldn't resist, so had a bowl of my fresh-frozen corn and frozen peas--heated in the microwave. It was yummy.