Dr. Fuhrman recommends occasional fasting to maintain health. The break from digestion allows the body to detoxify and repair cells and tissues. I'm normally too active to want to rest all day, as fasting requires. I'm on a 2-day road trip with a companion so I thought, maybe this is a good opportunity to try a fast. I'm also hoping maybe it will help me get rid of this cough that has lingered since I got my cold almost 2 weeks ago.

So I fasted today. It went fine. I napped while companion drove, and that rested me enough for when I drove. I got hungry at dinner time but I'm not hungry anymore, which is a surprise. I was tired walking up the stairs with my suitcase, but I'm fine just sitting here playing on the computer. I wonder if I'll make it through tomorrow. I have to do some work tomorrow which is just mental, but that might be affected by the fast. Plus I might get hungry and not have the will to continue the fast. I'm not good at suffering through things. We'll see. I definitely have to break the fast on Friday because I have to socialize with strangers all day and go out to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and give a talk.

Fasting certainly made the travel preparation easier. I could see doing this on airplane trips, where you are also just sitting around and there is no good food to be had anyway.