feeling like a kid again

Last night I went out with some friends and we went to a restaurant with outdoor seating. The purpose was to eat, drink, listen to live music, and be with friends. Well, I ate before we went, and didn't want to drink alcohol, so I just drank water, listened to the music, tipped the waiter and musicians, and had fun with my friends. They think I'm weird but they like weird people. I'm sure they look at my eating habits deprivation. But, I don't. And I don't find their food appealing.

Then today I got up (with no hangover, and no desire for coffee), ran 5 miles, then this afternoon, went on an easy 9 mile bike ride with a friend, and then went on an hour and a half kayak ride. What a great and fun day. I feel like a kid again. This is the kind of thing I enjoy most, getting outside and playing. Like when I was a kid, I'm exhausted by my day's activities by 10 pm and am ready for bed--but I wake up early than I did when I was a kid, I'm not sure if that is good or bad. And I'm like a kid in that I don't drink alcohol or caffeine. It's funny how in our society, most kids don't drink alcohol and caffeine, but when people come of age, most people start consuming these drugs. I did the same thing for years. And then you start feeling like an adult with no time for play. I'm enjoying feeling like a kid again--at 49 years of age!