sept. 10 food

I moved to a hotel last night for 2 nights for a 2-day meeting. I brought some fruit and nuts with me. The hotel has a decent buffet breakfast with oatmeal and fruit. But I wasn't hungry. At the start of the meeting, we had a continental breakfast. By then I was hungry, so had a banana and some walnuts, and some of the fruit provided by my hosts: grapes, melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple. Like most meetings, there was constant food available: breakfast, morning break, lunch, afternoon break, and dinner. I am not immune to everyone eating constantly so I ate at the breaks too. I had carrots at the morning break.

At lunchtime, a friend took me to a grocery store so I got my supplies for the next 2 days. I made a salad with greens, nuts, apple, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. It was very good. I forgot my orange vinegar--left in the hotel room. During the afternoon break, I ate some nuts and carrots, even though I wasn't the least bit hungry and didn't need it.

For dinner I brought a big salad made with greens, nuts (raw cashews and brazil nuts), chickpeas, banana, apple, and this time I remembered the orange vinegar. Dessert was an orange. I was overfull after eating all this, because I ate too many nuts today. My companions at dinner thought I was totally weird. The dinner was provided by our company and included free drinks. Most people at my table chose the steak, mashed potatoes and green beans and lots of beer and wine, followed by coffee and dessert. I have to admit, the food looked good. I have no desire to eat meat but I do recall enjoying it. The only attraction I felt to the alcohol was that it was free but it still tugged just a bit. The chocolate cake and coffee looked good. A good friend sitting next to me was stunned at my extreme eating habits and lack of drinking. I think he's worried that I've gone mad. This is where being a nutritarian can be difficult---having your friends think you are weird. I didn't really want the food though. It's too salty for me now. But it's not as much fun socializing in these situations anymore. People are uncomfortable with someone being different. Maybe over time I'll get better at making others comfortable. Also, since I don't drink anymore, I'm not all that interested in sitting around watching others drink. Overall, I didn't really want their food and alcohol and didn't feel deprived and still don't, but I did feel a little uncomfortable and a little bored, which makes me a little sad. Am I becoming boring? In these situations, I think maybe yes.