sept. 12 food

Today I travelled home.

Before leaving, we had a brekky of blueberries and mango. Even though I wasn't hungry, it was really yummy. I agree with Gail that it is a fantastic brekky. I'm going to try this out at home. Maybe the mangos at my co-op are good this time of year. I might have got the wrong impression by buying them in winter, when they are shipped from South America.

Then Gail supplied me with a bunch of nuts that I didn't need because I wasn't hungry, and yet I still ate them. Oh yeah, I ate some date nut pop'ems that she sent with me too. oops.

When I got home I went to the corn stand and got a baker's dozen of corn, a musk melon and a peach. I ate all three--well, just 2 of the corns. But then I scraped the others to freeze and ate a bunch of it while scraping.

Dinner: some frozen corn right out of the bag. I wasn't hungry then either but I couldn't resist.

I've caught a cold and lost my appetite so I think I'd better stop eating and let my body heal itself.