sept. 13 food

Today I have a cold so I'm taking it easy. I was supposed to go to the Packer-Bear (NFL football) game tonight! This may be the only chance in my life, but someone else who is a lifelong fan used my ticket so I actually think that's better. I'm watching it on TV with my blanket and tea.

I haven't been hungry today, and plus I don't have much food, having just arrived back in town yesterday. So I drank one of my frozen (thawed) veggie juices. That was perfect because with my cold I don't taste much, and I don't particularly like the taste of this juice (it will not be made again). Then we have a bunch of beautifully ripe garden tomatoes so I had a few small ones. And I drank lots of herbal tea. If I feel more hungry and energetic tomorrow, I'll go after the kale and collards in the garden with tomatoes and garlic.