sept. 16

I woke up hungry and alert at 5 am, which I took as a good sign that I'm recovering from my cold. Then I went back to sleep until almost 8 am, which is late for me, so probably a sign that I still need rest.

Brekky was same smoothie as yesterday, with strawberries instead of raspberries, juice from 2 oranges (1 for each smoothie), and garden lettuce mixed in with garden spinach. It was yummy.

Lunch was a big pot of greens, same as a few days ago but what a difference the vinegar makes. I seem to not like the spicy pecan flavor from a few days ago, but liked the riesling raisin today. I picked a kitchen sink-full of kale from the garden, washed and ripped into pieces, and added it to my big pot on top of a chopped onion. I topped that with some chopped tomatoes from the garden and chopped garlic. Here it is before cooking. It almost fills the pot.

I cooked for 4 minutes in the pressure cooker:

Quite a smaller volume after cooking! (Sorry the lighting isn't the same for these shots. It wasn't that much darker after cooking.) I added a Tbsp of hemp seed, ground up, to give me some healthy fat and thicken the juice a bit. I ate about 40% at lunch at 60% at dinner. It was good, nothing fancy but I liked it. I also had a couple of carrots and an apple at lunch. At dinner I also had half a musk melon (like a cantaloupe) and an orange.

My cold is getting better, but I sure don't have much energy. Sitting at my desk I feel fine though, so I got lots of work done tonight. But I went to campus today and just was dragging.