sept. 20

I didn't eat brekky because I wasn't hungry before church. Afterwards I went grocery shopping, and got some brazil nuts and ate those on the way home, about 11:30 am.

Today was the last day of corn at the corn stand. I can finally say I'm tired of corn. We kinda went overboard eating it every day and it does squeeze other things out of the diet. Plus it hasn't been as good lately as it was during the peak. It's not as tender. The sweetness varies depending on whether they picked too early--the bigger corns are sweeter. So for lunch we had 2 corn on the cobs, and a salad made from fresh salad greens, tomatoes from the garden, avocado, chopped walnuts, and orange vinegar. When we have fresh garden tomatoes, I have no desire for salad dressing because the tomatoes are sooooo flavorful.

I got some local carrots at the co-op today that I think are the best carrots I've ever tasted. So I snacked on those before dinner. Boy were they good. For dinner I made this creamy tomato soup. This had a really nice flavor. We had that with our last piece of corn on the cob. I also made smoothies for housemate which I nibbled from because there was extra. I also ate a small raw kohlrabi while preparing dinner. I also snacked on the tomato soup while heating it up--taste testing. I definitely eat too much while preparing dinner!