sept. 21

Late brekky after yoga and grocery shopping: fresh mango and blueberries. yum! I also had 3 carrots.
Of course, I wasn't very hungry for lunch an hour later. I had a small baked sweet potato and was nibbling on housemate's lunch while preparing. For her I made veggies (romanesco broccoli, carrots, peas & corn) cooked in pressure cooker and the topped with yesterday's tomato soup. It was really good. Wowsa. That soup is even better on vegetables. She had the leftovers for dinner tonight.

then I nibbled while making lentil/collard green soup. I started snacking about 4 pm. That is bad, because I just keep eating. I had an apple. then a peach. Then some soup. then some pineapple. then some more soup. Then it was about 6 pm and I said, okay, that was dinner.