Sept. 22

brekky: smoothie from the freezer (thawed overnight). then I made more for the next few days and froze them. I nibbled while making them, on the pumpkin and sunflower seeds too.

lunch: Veggies and Sweet Potato Sauce: This was really good and I whipped it together in 30 minutes total: For me I cooked up brussels sprouts, and a very small eggplant for 1 minute in the pressure cooker (PC). For housemate I cooked up potatoes in the other PC for 1 minute. Then to mine I added yellow summer squash, sweet potatoes and frozen sweet corn and cooked for another minute. To housemate's I added frozen corn and peas and cooked for another minute. Then I took out the sweet potatoes from my PC, put them in the blender with walnuts and fresh pomegranate juice (I just cut a pom. into pieces and smashed it with my hand-crank juicer) and made the sauce--oh, I should have added some blueberry vinegar. I poured that over our veggies into two big bowls which we shared with a visitor working with me today. He loved it.

Dinner: I ate it backwards but liked it this way. Started off with a ripe peach (dessert). Then had a bowl of lentils from yesterday. Then a salad from lettuce, tomatoes, orange bell pepper, and green bell pepper. All the ingredients were from a local farm or my garden so it was really good and didn't need dressing. I just added some d'angou pear vinegar. I actually like ending with a salad. When I end with fruit, I just want more. It's opposite to what Dr. Fuhrman recommends which is to start with a big salad, the idea being to fill up on that, and eat less of the more high-caloric food.

I didn't exercise today so I didn't get very hungry. I had coughing fit last night and couldn't get to sleep. I hope I sleep better tonight. The cold is almost gone except for the cough.