sept. 23

late brekky at the co-op: 1/2 small dal (yellow) watermelon--though it was bigger than usual. then my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I had gotten a peach and some blackberries and pistachio nuts too. I ate the peach and some nuts. Definitely didn't need that!

late lunch: smoothie with mango & blueberries. very creamy and good. used a fresh mango (then froze overnight). ate the blackberries I got at brekky. and 2 small apples. and more nuts. okay, now I was really full. I'm eating way too much fruit today.

early dinner: okay, not hungry but I have a meeting tonight. ate some veggie pot with fresh frozen sweet corn. and then kept eating the sweet corn.

today I ate way too many sweets and have a tummy ache as a result. my body is pretty good at telling me when I'm overdoing it. Now I just have to listen to it!