sept. 24 food

It's two days later but I think I can remember:

brekky: smoothie

lunch: made my usual salad of late from fresh local stuff: lettuce, orange bell pepper, tomatoes. oh, the dressing was fresh squeeze pomegranate juice mixed with ground walnuts. That was sooooo good. I heated up some veggie pot with sweet corn for housemate. This was the last of the veggie pot. I ate some frozen sweet corn myself, and then got a tummy ache. I'm wondering if it's the sweet corn. It's really sweet and I didn't cook it before freezing. I'll have to monitor.

dinner: I was at a meeting, then went grocery shopping. I ate a banana and some fresh-ground peanut butter at the co-op. yum. then came home and made smoothies--these had fresh pom/grape juice in them, fresh pineapple, and frozen blueberries, and strawberries. I'm having fun throwing fresh fruit into the smoothies. I nibbled a lot on the pineapple and grapes. no regrets there, yum.