sept. 25

brekky: smoothie

lunch: veggies and black bean hummus. This is the best hummus in the world. I've made the same with chickpeas and it's not as good. My collaborator loves this too. He's starting to come over every day to get lunch along with working. The working is very productive too. I still keep overcooking the veggies in the pressure cooker. I cooked up whatever was in the fridge: eggplant, zucchini, potato, sweet potato, broccoli. I cut them into longer dipping strips. After cooking the potato and sweet potato, I put them in the oven at 350 F for 10 minutes, dusted in a little date sugar, to dry them out a bit. Everything was great, just a little too well-done for dipping. Next time I need to use the low setting in the pressure cooker. and cook for 1 minute. I'll try to remember.

dinner: small bowl of lentils and greens. Then I made the same salad I've been making lately: lettuce, orange bell pepper, tomatoes, avocado, D'Angou pear vinegar. Here's a picture:

It was outstanding. Then I should have stopped but I made some cherry ice cream. I have been having fun with the pomegranate juice so was looking for things to make with it. I ate the whole thing. I got too full. It was fantastic though.