Sept. 26

late brekky: smoothie. this one was the other half of the mango-blueberry (spinach) smoothie I made a few days ago. This was really good. I was at a 4-hour meeting at a restaurant that specializes in cupcakes. I thought I might eat something from the menu but there weren't many vegan options and nothing jumped out at me. I wondered if I was going to eat a cupcake (they had vegan strawberry ones). I enjoyed looking at them but didn't want to eat one (surprisingly). I think that's because I got sick last time I ate them.

late lunch: I was grocery shopping and I got a banana and fresh-ground peanut butter. This seems to be one of my favorite treats these days. Let's see, then when I got home, I had some fresh figs, some raw cashews (didn't need those after the peanut butter), a kohlrabi and a carrot.

Dinner: mashed baked sweet potato with a little date sugar and fresh pineapple cut up. another kohlrabi and carrot. then snacked on smoothies while making them. I ate a lot. each smoothie had a little extra I had to eat up. oops. mmm.

I'm eating too many sweets and not enough beans and greens. I have to admit I'm having fun with it. maybe I'll stop tomorrow. I'm enjoying my favorite foods before going out of town next week.