hotpot chili

I made this in my hotel tonight and thought it was very good. I got this recipe idea from Lynne on the Fuhrman forums, especially the pineapple addition. Hers has more ingredients for a bigger batch. This has to fit into a hot pot so I cut out the mushrooms and onions. Feel free to add those in too.

1 green bell pepper
1 shredded carrot
1 small potato (optional, I just had one that needed eating)
1 16 oz can tomatoes
1 can red kidney beans
4-8 oz pineapple (8 oz is to much for most people but I love pineapple)
1-3 tsp chili powder
other spices you might like (I added some cumin, fines herbs, and pumpkin pie spice)

Cut the bell pepper, carrot, and potato into small pieces so it will cook faster. Add everything to the hot pot but the pineapple and and beans, and cook for 20 minutes on medium setting. Add the beans, cook some more. Add the pineapple. Cook until tender, probably 30 minutes total.

Here's a picture after dishing out 2 bowls: