more thoughts on Dr. Fuhrman's Life Plan

I'm still thinking about incorporating Dr. Fuhrman's Life Plan, where only 90% of your calories need to include his healthy foods, and 10% can be off-plan. I think I still want to avoid sugar and refined grains as much as possible because I don't like how they affect me. And I think it's easier for me to just stay on plan all the time rather than keep track of when I'm off it. So I think overall I will probably follow the 100% plan, but there's three areas where I'll allow myself to relax:

1) If I eat more nuts than I'm supposed to, let those count as the 10%. The 10% amounts to 1000 calories a week. That can be some fun overindulgence. Fresh-ground peanut butter can fall in this category (I like it with a banana). It's not as healthy as raw nuts, but Dr. Fuhrman doesn't forbid it.
2) Every few months when I get a cupcake craving, just go for it, eat one, and then stop there and don't worry about it.
3) Every few months if I find myself at a restaurant and there is some reason I can't just be my usual crazy self and bring my own food, or maybe I really want to eat the food there, just go ahead and do it, and don't eat too much of it, and don't worry about it.

That sounds like a pretty good Life Plan for me.