Oct. 12 +

This week is going to be busy so I may not be blogging much. My meals will be pretty simple too. My garden is full of kale and collard greens since I've been gone for 2 weeks. And I've got a bunch of fresh local apples and carrots from the co-op.

So brekky will probably be smoothies.

Lunch: I'm rotating kale and collards. I cook them up with onions. They are great. We've had cold temperatures and that's supposed to make them sweeten up a bit. Then I'm rotating having them with beans and tomatoes, or that refrigerator soup I made before leaving town (turned out pretty good). Sometimes I put frozen corn into it, usually for housemate.

Dinner: salad made from lettuce greens, apple, nuts or avocado, few raisins, orange and green bell peppers (one left from the garden), some edamame or sweet peas, a little vinegar. This is simple and really good. I'm going to a dinner party tomorrow night and will probably bring everything but the lettuce as a topping to put on the host's salad. They already know I'm crazy. It's kind of fun when people have to put up with you. hmm, I might make an apple, raisin something dessert to bring too.

and the usual carrots, celery and fruit before and after the meals.

I'll go grocery shopping Wed. night and then will probably do new things with my new produce.