Oct. 2

Today I tried out the "Life Plan" where 10% of your calories can be off Dr. Fuhrman's eating plan. So at breakfast at my lovely B&B, I decided to try a little bit of the homemade fruit crisp and granola. Well, the fruit crisp tasted like butter which meant it wasn't vegan, so I didn't like that I ate a few bites of that. Also, I don't know if I want to get back into eating sugar. I don't like how it affects me. The granola was good and didn't seem to have too much sugar or oil. I didn't have much of it. I think tomorrow I'll just eat the fresh fruit (which was very good today) and top it with my own raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Lunch was at a brewery where there were no healthy options. I brought some soup in a small container and used that to dip the pieces of my salad I was willing to eat. I also ate an apple and orange I had brought. That was plenty.

Dinner was a really big and good salad at a restaurant that had a few vegan options. The salad probably had more salt and oil than optimal but it was pretty good. I probably could have eaten half of it and been satisfied. Dessert was a delicious vegan four-berry crisp, which we shared 3 ways. That was good. It didn't taste too sweet either and was mostly berries (probably a lot of sugar though).

I bet more than 10% of my calories were unhealthy today. How do you know? It seems like work to keep track. I suppose you could plan to stay on-plan except for one meal out per week. That would be relatively easy to keep track of. In some ways, though, I think it would be easier to be an extremist (100% on plan). My salad was good, but not as good (to me) as the ones I make at home. In this case I was being treated by my hosts, in exchange for giving a talk this afternoon, so it was convenient that I obliged them and ate the food. I guess the 10% rule was good for tonight's situation. I'm not in this situation often so it could be a 1% rule if I wanted.