Oct. 29

Today I only had two meals again. Interesting (for me). I liked it. It was easier than making 3 meals! I wish I could do this every day but I don't think it will fit in with housemate's lunch schedule.

Brekky was a smoothie and a cup of beans at 8 am. I'm trying out these heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo. I don't even bother adding spices or onions, just soak them overnight, cook them for a few hours, and put in the fridge for the next day or two. I have to admit, they are good. I'm starting to love beans, and love feeling satisfied for several hours.

I had 3 large carrots at 2 pm. I was hungry and it gave me energy for my bike ride home.

Then dinner was my current favorite salad. I also had a couple of small oranges. and a couple Tbsp of pumpkin seeds. That was from 4-5 pm (I start snacking while preparing...). I got really full from my giant salad (loaded with greens, beans, peas, nuts, veggies and fruit). It's 8:40 pm and I'm not the least bit hungry. The beans have real staying power.