I overate last night. It started when I ate lunch even though I wasn't hungry. I was very hungry at brekky so had a smoothie and a cup of beans. I like having this for brekky because I usually haven't eaten in a long time and I just exercised. That was about 9:30 am. But then lunch comes too soon. I waited until 12:40 pm to start preparing. Like usual, I snacked as I prepared. Lunch was steamed veggies of all kinds (broccoli, carrots, beets, brussels sprouts, leeks, kale) and vinegar and ground seeds. I had leftovers and 1 cup of beans for an early dinner at 5 pm. Dessert was an apple and orange. Okay, I should have stopped there but no, I had 3 more apples (small anyway), and then some cherry walnut ice cream. Boy was that good. okay, could I fit anything else in? Yep, a banana and some peanut butter (< 2 Tbsp thank goodness). Then I waddled to the hockey game. I was full until noon today. I didn't go to exercise this morning because I was full. I'm embarrassed to admit this. I'm thinking I should go back to logging everything I eat to keep myself accountable, 'cause it's embarrassing to have to write down stuff like that. I don't know why I'm doing this. I think I'm just getting into bad habits. or it's emotional or something. I am going through some big changes in my life, or at least, considering them. Another problem is my mealtimes. I would prefer to eat two big meals at about 10 am and 4 pm. But cohabitation requires me to prepare a big meal at 1 pm. Regardless of the reason, I have to start behaving. As Dr. Fuhrman says, no excuses.