still figuring out how much to eat

It's weird. I used to know how much to eat. I stopped when I was full. I was overweight because I was eating unhealthy food. Then I started eating healthy food and lost weight. As I ate more healthy I needed to eat more. So I got in the habit of eating a lot. Then I learned from Dr. Fuhrman to eat more beans and nuts and seeds to grow muscle. So I've been doing that. But those expand in your stomach, so now I'm getting overfull. This week I'm trying to regulate it better. Yesterday and today I only ate two meals. This is mainly because I was busy and was only cooking for me so went on my own schedule.

I find after my morning exercise class, I like a big breakfast. A smoothie and a cup of beans is very satisfying and also follows Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations of beans, greens, and nuts & seeds being a good high-protein meal after exercising. Yesterday I had that at 11:30 am because I had a later exercise class. Then I didn't bother with lunch and had a lovely giant salad for dinner about 5:30 pm. And then had a few carrots about 7 pm. That was good.

Today I had my smoothie and beans at about 9:45 am. Then I had a big lunch/dinner at about 3:30-4 pm. This consisted of a few carrots, some leftover veggies and black bean hummus (from Monday's lunch), and collard greens & beet & onion & seeds cooked up (yummy!). And a small apple and small orange. That was too much. I'll try to remember that tomorrow.

I did kind of like the 2 meals per day though. It takes several hours to get hungry when you eat the beans and nuts and seeds. But I don't know how to fit that in my normal schedule when I'm cooking for house-mate too and eating lunch at 1 pm, which is too close to brekky. I guess I just need to make a smaller lunch.