the weekend

I'm not posting as much because I'm trying to get through my nutrition book (studying to be a nutritional excellence trainer). The good news is I'm on page. 400. The bad news is I still have over 200 pages to go. But I think the hardest stuff is over with and I can read a little faster. At least I'm telling myself that.

Yesterday I let myself eat less nutritionally. Not that it was bad; as it turned out it was pretty much all fruit. But it was fun. I think I'll let myself have treats like this on Sat. For brekky we had smoothies without spinach in them. So we had banana-cherry-blueberry smoothies with pistachio nuts in them. Very yummy. Then later on I made smoothies to freeze for next week. That was fun. I had stopped at the store and got pomegranates and grapes. Each smoothie had the usual seeds and 2 bags of frozen berries, plus 1 cup of orange-pomegranate juice and some grapes, and a bag of spinach. I added a little maple syrup to house-mate's. Each batch made 2 smoothies and had a little leftover which I drank. So that filled me up and I called that dinner.

Today for brekky I made a warm dish in the pressure cooker: chopped apple, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 beet, cranberries, raisins, cinnamon. Then I needed to cool it quickly because I realized I was running a little late so I added frozen blueberries. It was pretty good. I think I'd go without the sweet potato next time. the blueberries were a nice touch. Here's a picture before cooking:

I forgot to snap one afterwards.

For lunch I had collard greens, brussels sprouts, and leek cooked in the pressure cooker (4 minutes) with pomegranate balsamic vinegar added. That is my favorite vinegar to add to collard greens. I also ate a can of cannelli beans. It was a good and filling lunch. I think I would have like beets with the greens too. I think I'm into beets this Fall. Last fall I was into sweet potatoes but this year I haven't found the local ones to be as good. They are jewel variety and I think I like garnet better.

Dinner was strange. I made some raw soups from the Boutenko family website: the Thai soup and cucumber dill-icious soup. Well, this is either something I don't like or an acquired taste. After tasting it for a while I started liking it more. I put it in small containers, so I wouldn't have to eat too much at one time, and froze them. I doubt I'll make them again, unless I acquire a taste for them as I try to finish them off. Since I didn't eat too much of the soups, I ate some carrots and celery and raw almonds, and a small orange and apple. And then I made up a snack that is actually really good: frozen peas and raw pumpkin seeks. Just eat it with a spoon. That was definitely the best part of my meal, well except for the apple and orange which were really good. I ended up eating too much, as usual probably because of the nuts and seeds.