As I said in my other posts, I made "healthy" chocolate cupcakes yesterday. I snacked while eating them, also sipped a little on housemate's chocolate cherry smoothie (maybe 2 oz worth?), and then ate 2 cupcakes. Well, that had me buzzing the rest of the day and night. I didn't sleep as well as usual, and I've been groggier than usual today. Yesterday's pomegranate didn't taste heavenly, like usual. And even today, my pom tasted better but it wasn't orgasmic, like they were last week. I want to get back to where my poms are orgasmic. I don't know if it was just the cocoa powder or the combination of that and the dates, but I feel that this is too much like a drug and I don't like drugs anymore. I'm not saying I won't eat chocolate cupcakes anymore, just that I think I'll be less likely to choose them. I have 4 in my freezer and 3 in my fridge and I don't even want them. Pretty weird huh? Fortunately housemate will be happy to eat them. It was fun making them and splurging on them; and I like knowing that if I do get the urge for cupcakes, this is a much healthier alternative than the bakery or co-op down the street.