heirloom beans

These beans are so good you can just cook them with no additional ingredients. Or you can add a bunch of stuff to them as below.

16 oz Rancho Gordo heirloom beans, any variety, or any other beans from your grocery store
2-6 cups veggie juice (optional)
chopped leek or onion (optional)
chopped parsnips or eggplant or zucchini or... (optional)
water as need (1-4 cups, depending on if you use juice)
1 16-oz can tomatoes (optional, good with white beans)

Soak the beans overnight overnight, then rinse. If using lentils, you don't need to soak. Cook the beans in some water and veggie juice. Cook some of the leek and parsnips separately in some water, then blend and add to the beans---this makes the broth creamier. This is a rich soup. I add them to a big bowl of steamed greens or vegetables or chopped lettuce.

Makes 6 1-cup servings.
Nutritional info per serving (assuming 4 cups veggie juice):
with tomatoes: 342 calories, protein: 18g (18%), carbs 67 g (79%), fat (2%)
without: 328 calories, protein: 18g (19%), carbs 64 g (79%), fat (2%)