Nov. 2 food

woo-hoo, a successful day. It's good to figure out what your body likes because then you don't have to battle it. My body seems to like a big brekky after exercising. No wonder, I haven't eaten in over 14 hours usually and I just exercised and rode my bike! So when I got back at 9:30 am hungry, I ate my smoothie. As usual, I wanted more. I debated forcing myself to wait because I was going to have to fix lunch for housemate and collaborator in a few hours. But I didn't want to wait, so I said, okay, eat your lunch too, so I ate my mushroom-bean stroganoff on brussels sprouts. Yummy. And then I was full. Possibly a wee bit overfull but nothing bad. And then I was very satisfied, all the way until 5 pm! After brekky I got lunch ready for the others, I just had to get some veggies ready to steam (brocolli, cauliflower and potatoes). At about 1 pm, I fed housemate blackbean soup over the veggies, and collaborator got mushroom-bean stroganoff over veggies. He loved it. This is the same guy who ate 4 hotdogs at the football game yesterday. oh kenny, kenny. but he loves the healthy food too. Anyway, I had no problem feeding them and not eating. As long as I don't take a bite, I'm okay. If I take a bite, my body thinks it's mealtime and wants to keep eating until full. Plus I was busy with a work emergency so didn't want to eat. I also have more energy in the afternoon if I don't eat a big lunch.

For dinner I had my current favorite salad. I ate a couple of carrots while preparing. I added cucumber to it, and ate the rest of that while preparing too. I was nicely full afterwards. Recall there's 1 cup of peas, and 1/2 cup of edamame and I had 1.5 oz of nuts and seeds in the dressing, and 2 oranges in the dressing, and an apple on the salad. So I think it was plenty of calories. Now was I too full? Maybe a bit, but I feel just right now, and if I'd eaten less, I'd probably be getting hungry now.

So that's 2 days in a row of not overeating.