Nov. 3 food

Day 3 was good.

Brekky was a smoothie and black bean soup over steamed kale. That was about 10:30 am, after going to excercise class and meeting with someone at my church. I was very hungry.

At about 4:30 pm, we had a birthday party for housemate with chocolate cake. If that had been vegan, I might have wanted some. But since it wasn't, I didn't care too much. But it did start making me hungry so I started dinner a bit earlier than planned. Dinner was spinach paneer and steamed veggies. The spinach paneer was very good. When I first made it a few days ago, I thought it needed something so I added raisins. I then froze two large servings. After thawing and reheating in the microwave, the raisin flavor mixed in with the rest and it was very good. It also didn't taste too spicy this time like it did right after making it. Maybe it helped that I was hungry when I ate it too. Anyway, it was very good. My steamed veggies were just stuff from the fridge (cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and beets) cooked in the pressure cooker for 3 minutes. Then I combined the juice they cooked in with 1 Tbsp ground hemp seeds and 1 Tbsp balsmamic pomegranate vinegar. It was delicious. I also had 2 large raw carrots and an apple and an orange.