beans & veggies & seeds

It's time to write up this recipe since I eat it practically every week day and it will save describing it. It is easy and good. My SAD (Standard American Diet) friends like it too. Today my friend wanted to eat my food instead of the food he was eating at a restaurant. And that was loaded with salt and oil which is usually hard to compete with.

steamed veggies
0.5-1 oz ground seeds

The secret is in the beans which are cooked in fresh carrot juice. And we get really good locally grown carrots most of the year. Man we are so lucky. I go through a 5 lb bag every week. I have orange skin.

I have 2 main variations on the veggies. The first is greens (e.g., collards, kale, bok choy) and root veggies (e.g., rutabaga and/or beets). I steam them all up in the pressure cooker (3-4 minutes on high; or 20-30 minutes in regular pan). Then I blend the root veggies with sesame seeds (1-3 Tbsp), the water from the steaming, and juice of a lemon, in the vita-mix. This makes a sauce that I mix in with the beans and greens.

The other variation is to just steam a bunch of veggies (2-3 minutes on high in the pressure cooker, 20 minutes in regular pan). Today was brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and carrots. Then grid up some seeds (hemp, sunflower, and/or pumpkin) in the coffee grinder (2 Tbsp works for me). Stir the ground seeds in with the leftover water from the steaming, then combine that with the beans and pour over the veggies. You can taste the sweetness of the veggies and the beans.

Yum, both variations are loved by my lunch guests.