dec. 10 food

I'm in a pattern of eating that isn't varying much these days so I don't really need to post every day about it. Here it is:

Brekky: beans & veggies & seeds. I eat this after exercising and am usually very hungry. This is hearty and satisfying.

Lunch: fruit. depends on what looks good from the co-op. Lately I've been eating grapefruit and pomegranates. Today I ate the last of my poms, a pear, and a kiwi.

Dinner: salad and dressing. Lately my favorite dressing has been sweet pea, but I'm planning to mix in blueberry sesame dressing soon. Today my salad was a simple lettuce and delicious red bell pepper topped with sweet pea dressing. I also ate some raw carrots while preparing. I do that a lot.

Of course, these meals could be switched around depending on your schedule. Most people would probably switch the breakfast and lunch.