dec. 12 food

Today I had unusual but enjoyable meals. I made a big batch of smoothies for housemate. I usually turn that into a meal as I eat the ingredients. For fun, I boiled some peanuts to include in the smoothies. I blended that up with bananas to make peanut/banana cream, for the smoothies, but I also ate a bunch of it myself wrapped in lettuce leafs. That was yummy. I ate about 3/4 cup of peanuts, which is a lot but it was a treat. I also ate some berries and pears that went into the smoothies.

Then for dinner I ate a butternut squash, and some raw carrots and arugula and an apple and kiwi. I enjoyed the squash. That was a nice treat too. Last year I was into sweet potatoes, but we don't get those locally much, whereas we have butternut squash all winter long. So I'm going to eat that instead.

I was curious if the peanut indulgence made for excessive calorie intake so I added up my total calories, which were: 1850 calories; protein 49 g (8%), carbs 323 g (62%), fat 61 g (29%). That's a little more than usual and my fat intake was also a little higher than average, but no big deal.