Dec. 13 food

Today was back to my "rut" as of late. I can't help it, I enjoy these meals.

Brekky was blueberries and mango. I used frozen blueberries, warmed in the microwave. The mango was a "fresh" one from Mexico I think. These are the small yellow ones. I also ate a small apple.

Lunch was beans & veggies & seeds. The veggies were cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. Oh, I forgot the brussels sprouts (...tomorrow). I made a different lunch for housemate: potatoes, peas, broccoli and corn. I tasted it and it was very good and sweet due to the corn (still using our frozen corn which is much sweeter than the store bought). This was just cooked up in the pressure cooker for a few minutes. I also ate some raw carrots and some more blueberries, finishing off the bag I started at brekky.

Dinner was salad with sweet pea dressing. It was just lettuce, as I had no other veggies to add but it was really good. Dessert was a small apple, small pear, and small kiwi. yummy.

I also made another big batch of beans for the coming week. These used yellow-eyed peas, carrot juice, onion and a can of tomatoes (from our garden). Should make for a yummy week.

Total calories: 1520; protein 57 g (12%); carbs 301 g (74%); fat 23 g (14%). hmmm, it felt like more than that...