dec 14 food

brekky at the co-op: large grapefruit, small pear, 10 brazil nuts.

lunch: beans & veggies & seeds. The beans were yellow-eyed peas I described cooking yesterday. The veggies were local napa cabbage and local brussels sprouts. I didn't add seeds today since I had the brazil nuts at brekky. I ate a bunch of raw local carrots while preparing.

dinner: salad, not the sweet pea dressing, I finally tried something else: blueberry sesame dressing. The greens were lettuce, spinach and arugula. I also added a yummy orange bell pepper and 1/2 cup edamame. In retrospect I don't think I needed the edamame. Dessert was a small pear and a banana.

A yummy day overall.

total calories was 1728, protein 60 g (11%); carbs 327 g (70%) and fat 37 g (19%).