Dec. 15 food

Brekky: blueberries & mango. The blueberries were frozen and thawed in the microwave. The mango was a small yellow one. I also had a small delicious ripe pear. Brekky was late, about 10 am, and merged with an early lunch, finished by noon.

Lunch: beans on chopped spinach & arugula. 1/2 butternut squash. 1 banana.

Dinner: snacked on carrots and peas while making a salad with lettuce & arugula & red bell pepper and sweet pea salad dressing. Dessert was 2 small apples.

Total calories: 1651, protein 52 g (10%); carbs 362 g (81%), fat 15 g (8%). I was more in the mood for fruit and veggies than nuts and seeds today.