Dec. 3 food

I've started logging my food again in cron-o-meter. It's kind of fun and is a good guide.

Here was today's brekky:

I'm loving this big meal for brekky. I usually eat a late breakfast after a hard workout so am quite hungry. This was lima beans over steamed broccoli and carrots and raw spinach, and 1 oz hemp, sunflower & pumpkin seeds. I ground up the seeds and mixed them with the steamer water (about 1/2 cup) which made a creamy sauce. This was yummy and filling.

Lunch was a big grapefruit and a small pomegranate.

Dinner was my yummy cabbage/greens salad using kale, bok choy and cabbage (all raw), and sweet pea dressing. I added a small mango and small pear to the dressing instead of oranges. It was yummy. I had a few carrots and a small apple for dessert.

My calorie intake was only 1544 today which seems a bit low. But it felt like plenty of food--maybe that's because I ate more yesterday. I got lots of protein today, 62 g. I had 2 oz of nuts and seeds. That seems about right to me. It allows me to eat more of the other things I like and to feel very satisfied.

Here's the breakdown:
calories 1544. Protein 62 g (13%); carbs 280 g (67%); fat 34 g (20%).