dec. 7 food

Yummy brekky: made a new pot of big fat red beans yesterday. I had my usual beans over veggies--collard greens from the garden. I steamed a beet with the collards, then blended the beet, steaming water, and 1 oz seeds (my usual hemp, sunflower,
pumpkin) in the blender. mmm, good and filling.

Here are pictures of the collards in the garden:

They taste good after a freeze. They aren't growing as fast as I'm eating them anymore, and will be gone in a week or so from the eating.

Here's the kale. I need to harvest this tomorrow or the predicted snowfall will completely bury it. I just don't know when I'll be home tomorrow...

I was out shopping at lunch and ate fruit at Brennan's. This is a produce/meat specialty store. They have produce samples all over the place, so I was enjoying that. It was fun because one pear tasted way better than all the others so in addition to eating lots of samples, I bought some of those pears. Same with one of the apples and one of the bags of grapes and one of the melons. I also ate lots of pineapple samples without buying any. But we spent tons of money on cheese and sausage for Christmas presents so the store made out fine. We went to Chipotles' afterwards and I ate the bag of grapes while housemate ate her burrito. She commented that it tasted too salty. I'm hoping she's getting closer and closer to falling under my spell. Overall, I ate a lot of fruit at lunch!

Dinner was more fruit--I guess all that sweetness made me want more---and some raw veggies. I had a large grapefruit, one of those delicious pears, some dried mango, carrots, lettuce and yellow bell pepper. I got a little too full from that. oh well, it's not as bad as overeating nuts.

Total calories was 1787, protein 45 g (8%), carbs 388 (82%), and fat 20g (10%). The protein is less than yesterday because of all the fruit replacing veggies and seeds. Interesting that my calorie intake has been so similar the last few days.