Fun weekend cooking!

I decided to make some Fuhrman recipes this weekend. His soups tend to be hearty and rich, which sounds perfect for the winter. I decided I want to make the 3 "High Cruciferous Soups" in the Nov. 2004 newsletter (members only, sorry!). So I started yesterday with the Kale fennel soup (recipe here, my post about it here). It was good, but as I said in my post, I think my modifications made it worse than it should have been. So I'll have to try it again sometime.

Then today, to help me resist those awful SAD (Standard American Diet--namely, sugar, refined grains, and chocolate!) treats that not only are unhealthy, but make me feel like crap when I eat them, I decided to make some Fuhrman treats. Even though I didn't think I needed to be such an extremist, well, I think I do after all! I just can't stand how I feel when I eat that stuff, not only moments afterwards with the hyperactivity, but days afterwards with the grogginess. I think I just have to be 100% in the Fuhrman universe so that I feel normal all the time. The chocolate and sugar feels like a strong drug to me now, as does alcohol and caffeine. And if I'm 98% compliant, that's pretty extremist to most people, so why not go all the way to 100%. No one will notice the difference. They'll notice much more if they see me eating SAD food. Okay, sorry to ramble so much there.

So, anyway, to help me in the psychological department where I get jealous when I see everyone eating all those treats, I decided I should probably have some treats from the Fuhrman universe of foods. So today I made cashew cookies and banana oat cookies. I actually wasn't sure I'd like either one but I ended up liking both! I think my taste buds have changed over the years, which is also why I find the SAD treats too sweet and artificial tasting. So I'm not suggesting that SAD eaters will like these, but I'm not making these for SAD eaters. However, I was surprised that house mate, who eats a lot of SAD sweets, liked both batches of cookies. In addition to the cookies, I made a bunch of smoothies for house mate (two batches of 3, or 6 total). I love making the smoothies because I nibble on the various ingredients as I make them. I don't make the smoothies for myself because I prefer the flavor of the individual fruits better, these days anyway. But I do enjoy eating the leftovers from the blender afterwards with the help of the spatula, yum. It's amazing how much you can scrape out of there.

Anyway, it was a fun weekend in the kitchen. I love preparing food. I wish I could do this all the time!