kale fennel soup

Even though I can't post this recipe here, because it's on the Fuhrman member site, I'm going to write some notes for myself for future reference. I also forgot to take pictures, sorry.

I modified the recipe a little based on recent advice from Dr. F. to blend up the cruciferous veggies before cooking to allow isothiocyanates to form (they fight cancer). So I blended up the onions, zucchini and kale before cooking. Well, it's not quite as creamy when you do this before instead of after. So next time I will also blend afterwards. In fact, I didn't need to blend the zucchini before, since it's not a cruciferous veggie. I liked the parsnips. The first time I ate parsnips, I didn't like them, but I really like them in this soup. I guess I just had to get familiar with them. Next time instead of split peas and lentils, I will use these heirloom beans that I've been enjoying so much lately. They are so creamy, I think because they are reasonably fresh. After soaking overnight, they only need a few hours to cook so are not that much different in cooking time from the split peas that do not seem to be so fresh and seem to take a few hours also (even though they should take less if they are fresh). Also these larger beans have more resistant starch which Dr. F. says is really good for you. I usually double the amount of beans in these recipes because I love beans.

So my verdict on the recipe: Following the lead of Jana, who grades the recipes, I think I would just give this a B (update the next day: I like this much more today and give it an A-. It's great by itself or on vegetables. I think I just had to get used to it. An A- for texture due to my blending the veggies ahead of time, and an A for taste).