New housemate's smoothie

Another version of housemate's smoothie. I think I like this best of all and it will become mine too when I have one. Though I would add more spinach and different kinds of greens, and a little vinegar.

Ingredients for 3 x 16 oz (large glass) servings:
1.5-3 oz nuts and/or seeds (today I did hazelnuts and almonds, blanched first to soften, yum!).
3 cups grapes, or 1 bag frozen cherries
1 cups fresh pomegranate and/or orange juice (prefer pom)
0-1 cup water, as needed
1 banana, fresh or frozen (peel before freezing, break up and put into individual bags)
2 bags frozen berries (usually 1 blueberry, and 1 strawberry, raspberry, or mixed berries)
5 oz fresh spinach

Put the nuts, seeds, vitamins, DHA, and some of the juice in the blender. Add the spinach on top. Start blending, letting the bottom stuff blend first. Then smash down the spinach with the plunger and let it all blend together. Then add everything else and blend until smooth. This makes 3 ~16-oz servings. Freeze the ones you don't drink. Take out one each night and put in fridge. It thaws overnight.

Calories per serving: 374; protein 7g (7%), carbs 63 g (61%), fat 13 g (31%).