New Year's eve

Today I had fun making healthy "treats" since it's New Year's eve.

I made peanut/banana spread. This is healthier than fresh peanut butter, and I confirmed that it tastes better! (I had some peanut butter yesterday with a banana). I like the consistency better too. Peanut butter is too gooey.

I ate it with an apple (no picture), celery,


and carrot:

My favorite was the lettuce and least favorite was the apple. The apple is good on its own so no need to add this--it drowns out the taste a bit. The celery and carrot and lettuce were great.

At lunchtime, I made blueberry/cherry "compote." Yummy:

I was studying for a nutritional exam, and was reminded how good spinach is for you, so for dinner I had a spinach/berry smoothie.

I also ate a pomelo, and too many brazil nuts. The pomelo is a giant fruit that is a bit sweeter than grapefruit. It was a bit dry but good.