What was I thinking?

Warning: if you are easily tempted by sugary foods, don't look at the picture below! Just ignore the whole post!

I bought a bunch of vegan chocolate junk food for housemate from Vegan Essentials. My reasoning was as follows: A close family member recently died of cancer, and I recently listened to the audio of the China Study and was reminded again how animal protein, especially casein in dairy, is a major cause of cancer. Housemate eats mostly vegan food, except for her chocolate candy which is things like m&ms, reese's peanut butter cups, candy bars, etc. I thought, I'll get her a bunch of vegan chocolate candy and let her taste test them and there's bound to be something in this pile she will like. The rest I can donate to a young vegan college kid I know who likes to eat. Here's what I bought, arrived in the mail today:

Now for a repeat of my question: What the hell was I thinking? Here are some reasons why this was a stupid thing to do: 1) I'm concerned that house mate will get diabetes due to her love of candy. So here I am buying a ton of candy for her! 2) I forgot about the temptation this could have for me. I have no trouble saying no to non-vegan anything. But I'm as susceptible to vegan treats as any food addict. If I started eating this stuff, I wonder how much I'd eat before I'd stop. Would it be like an alcoholic on a bender?

Still, if I can survive without touching this stuff, the experiment could work. If housemate finds a treat she likes, it will probably be better than a snickers bar. Then the goal is to get her to limit them to smaller quantities than she normally eats. And regarding my temptations, right now, this stuff doesn't look appealing to me. It doesn't look like food. Last week I made apple sauce for some family members and I used sugar from the basement fridge that was 2 years old. I thought, is that really food? No, that's a chemical. Also, I don't like how chocolate affects me because it makes me hyperactive. But that knowledge doesn't always stop me.

So we'll see if this was a great or really dumb idea...