favorite spinach salad

1 bag (5 oz) spinach
1 box fresh blackberries and some frozen berries OR 1 bag of frozen berries, any kind
2-3 Tbsp seeds (hemp, chia, sunflower)
2 Tbsp D'angou Pear or other flavored vinegar
optional: 1/2-1 cup beans or edamame or sweet peas (I almost never include this because the salad is plenty filling)

Put the spinach in the bowl. Add everything else. Note: I usually don't add beans because I have them at lunch, which is my biggest meal of the day. This is usually my dinner. Here's a version with a bag of blueberries:

Note: I've been trying out the different Fuhrman flavored vinegars. My favorites by far are D'Angou pear and spicy pecan. Blueberry and orange are okay but not nearly as good.