new year's update

In this earlier post from today, I talked about the food I was preparing for a party tonight. It was a great success! They loved the black eyed pea stew. Note: this has no salt in it and these are people who eat lots of salt! It's the veggie juice that makes it taste great. I used over a quart of carrot, celery and kale juice. Even the beet/squash/apple bake turned out great. As I said earlier, I decided to add beets to it and didn't like the result nearly as much because the beet flavor overwhelmed the squash. BUT, I was eating the salad with sweet pea dressing, and I decided to combine it with the beet/squash/apple bake, and that combination was really good! So I combined the leftover beet stuff with the dressing and tomorrow I'll have that on my salad. yummy!