News to report, and more travel logs

It's been an eventful 7 days in Berkeley, CA, with 3 more to go. First of all, last week I found out I passed my final exam, and I am now a certified Nutritional Education Trainer! (They changed the name, used to be Nutritional Excellence Trainer).

The other news is that I started up a Madison Area Nutritarian meetup group. Our first meeting will be Feb. 13, assuming I can find people to sign up. We'll have a potluck.

oops, I have no more time to post. I'll post the travel logs later. I have to report that this Nutritional Education Trainer did indulge in some raw vegan desserts. She did resist the vegan donuts though. And the raw vegan chocolate, which she was tempted by only out of curiosity (what does it taste like?). gotta run...