weekend cooking

I love doing food prep on Saturday. This is the day I take my car to my exercise class (instead of biking), then stop at the grocery store and buy tons of food. Today I spent $200. $200! Well, for two people for one week for delicious organic produce, it's not so bad. Actually that's not the whole bill. During the week I buy a bag of spinach and a few boxes of berries every day. Today I made 8 smoothies (4 batches of 2) for housemate, and 7 green sludge smoothies for myself. I froze them all. Then I made a pot of beans and froze them into five 2-cup containers for Mon-Fri. Today's beans were fabulous. I cooked a leek and a couple of parsnips separately, then blended them and added to the beans. This added creaminess and a nice flavor. And as usual, I cooked the beans with lots of fresh veggie juice. Yum. I bought the parsnips because they are one of the few local veggies we have left in Wisconsin this time of year. They are good. The first time I tried them I didn't like them but now I do.

Now I'm set for the week. My brekky will be green sludge and a small box of berries. Lunch will be beans, veggies, & seeds. What's nice about this is the veggies can vary every day: steamed, lightly steamed or raw broccoli, cauliflower & carrots; raw bok choy (this is good raw!); kale or collards; brussels sprouts; etc. This takes about 15 minutes to prepare including prep and using a pressure cooker. And dinner will be my favorite spinach salad right now. This salad takes 2 minutes to prepare. So I'll have easy meals with lots of greens for a busy week. That seems to be my groove right now.

Oh, the only problem today is I ate too much. There was some leftover from each smoothie and the beans were just too tasty. Next time I will have to try to eat less of everything else because I love eating the leftover smoothies while I make them.