Feb. 4 food

brekky: veggie juice early. Then blended salad and grapes (too many) later. This was too close to lunch.

Lunch: raw veggies and leftover sweet potato/peanut dip (shared with housemate). steamed kale (2 minutes in pressure cooker) and beans. This was all good. Here's a picture:

I overate because of the late brekky (and because I overate). I noticed overeating makes me want to eat even more. So I ate another carrot even though I was full. Oh well, at least it was just a carrot (a big carrot).

Dinner: spinach salad followed by a couple of carrots even though I was full. Note for future reference: I used fresh blackberries and blueberries. Guess what, they weren't as good as frozen. They came from South America and that's a long trip to Wisconsin. Maybe it was just a bad batch. Anyway, I'm really full and it's 3 hours after dinner. I definitely ate too much today even though it doesn't seem like that much but it was clearly more than I needed.