weekend cooking and eating

Yesterday I made a week's worth of smoothies for housemate and myself (these get frozen). I nibbled on those for breakfast. Lunch was very late and I was starving so I ate a giant salad of romaine lettuce topped with broccoli, cauliflower, apples, sunflower & flax seeds, edamame, and d'angou pear vinegar. Then I was very full. So at dinner I wasn't very hungry and just ate these 3 delicious pink oranges. And then I was hungry in the middle of the night and didn't sleep well. I don't sleep so well when I'm hungry.

Today's brekky was a blended salad and some veggie juice I made for the beans I was cooking. And a few carrots and some sunflower seeds. The beans were sooo good, and I'll get to enjoy them all week. I mixed several beans, left in various jars: small red, white, split peas, and lentils. I juiced 5 lbs of carrots, plus some kale and celery, and a chopped onion. I cooked up a leek and big parsnip separately in water, blended them and added them in. Boy was it good. I got those started early in the morning and then was gone for several hours. By lunch I was very hungry and ate some beans over kale. That didn't quite fill me up since I shared it with housemate. So I also ate some raw broccoli. Then I made some potato-corn-pea soup for housemate. Boy was that ever good. I couldn't stop eating it as I was test-tasting it and adding things to it. Then I got really full. oops. Then I wasn't real hungry for dinner but had a yankering for some berries, and there was a little soy milk leftover from house-mate's soup, so made a sorbet from frozen mixed berries and soy milk. I didn't feel like having it sweet (I don't know why but it's a good thing), so didn't add any date sugar or sweet fruit to it. I really enjoyed it. It was just what I was in the mood for. It had the same texture as the frozen custard my companions were eating yesterday. In case you aren't from the midwest, frozen custard is a rich soft-serve ice cream. We were at this burger/custard shop with the kids we were babysitting. It was kind of interesting as I recalled how I used to enjoy a burger, fries and frozen custard. I had good memories of the tastes but fortunately didn't have a desire to repeat the experience. I could enjoy the smells and that was enough. Knock on wood!

It was a fun cooking weekend as usual.