Mar 20, 2010 food

Today was a Saturday and that means smoothie time, where I make a week's worth of smoothies for both me and housemate (that was 15 total today)! First I went to a yoga class, then stopped at the grocery store, where I also scored a 25-lb bag of juicing carrots in addition to all the smoothie ingredients. I just realized I go through about 10 lbs of carrots every week! 5 lbs goes to juice used in my bean soup, and I eat the other 5 lbs! My shopping cart looks pretty strange with all the bagged lettuce, oranges, and berries (and the 25-lb bag of carrots). Anyway, the good news about today is that I didn't overeat as much as I usually do while making these smoothies. I made a meal out of my snacking but I monitored it and even though I got pretty full, I didn't overeat, on calories anyway.

Brekky was a blended salad before yoga. This is low-calorie (there were no seeds in it) and I was hungry afterwards so I got a small handful of brazil nuts at the grocery store and ate them.

Lunch was snacking on smoothies and their ingredients (grapes and orange slices). I ate about 1/2 of a housemate smoothie and 1 of mine--from the leftovers. Next time I will use fewer oranges in mine so I have fewer leftovers. I also had 1/4 cup sweet peas.

Dinner was raw veggies (carrots, red bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, and celery) and sweet potato-kiwi dip.

Total calories: 1466, protein 37 g (8%), carbs 291 g (73%), fat 31 g (19%).

I didn't eat beans today (I usually have some every day), but it was still a healthy and enjoyable eating day.