tracking my food intake, again..

A few days ago I started tracking my food again in the CRON-o-meter program. I'm trying to curb my overeating and the extra effort of measuring and logging my food seems to work. It also makes you realize when you are not overeating on calories but are just eating too much volume, so you need more high calorie food. And today it helped me gauge what to have for dinner after eating more than usual for lunch. I'd rather not have to do this, as it seems obsessive. But eating differently from everyone else in society has psychological effects and is I think the root cause of my overeating (e.g., wanting to have my own treats when I see other people eating their treats), so I need a tool to balance it.

Anyway, since I'm monitoring my food intake, I might start blogging it daily again like I used to, if I have time. I always thought this was the unique and possibly useful thing about my blog, to demonstrate by example what a "nutritarian" eats on a daily basis. Is it? Can you let me know? If so, I'll make an effort. Thanks!