wed march 24 2010

I can't sleep so I may as well blog. wah.

lunch and dinner were eaten out

lunch: cabbage salad and kale with sweet potato sauce. I added a little apple to the sweet potato sauce and it was a winner.

dinner: big ole' salad with edamame and sesame-berry dressing.

My calories were kinda low so I had a little orange (1/2 small) and a carrot when I got home at 9:30 pm. I think I was hungry for it. I know when I'm really hungry, but otherwise I don't really know. So I guess I wasn't really hungry.

I'm running out of food and don't have time to go grocery shopping. I hope I can make it until Saturday morning with what I have. I'm stressed out about work and church stuff I guess, which is why I can't sleep. which of course will only make it worse tomorrow when I'm tired. Stress doesn't seem to have much useful about it. I try to fend it off most of the time but have not been succeeding lately.

Total calories today: 1379; protein 52 g (12%), carbs 224 (59%), fat 45 g (29%).