Apr. 6 food

Today's meals were pretty much what I predicted on Sunday. I had a hard bike ride planned this afternoon with some young athletic types, so I wanted to make sure I ate enough. I'm amazed how much great food you can eat on this diet with the calories being low. I'm finding it's good to monitor my food intake because it helps me eat more.

Brekky was a blended salad, and a banana and walnuts.

Lunch was 1/2 raw sweet potato sticks (I really like these), lots of snacking on my veggie salad while preparing, and a bowl of the veggie salad with berry dressing. The veggie salad had spinach from the garden (it grew on its own from last years plants), garlic chives and cilantro from the garden, romaine lettuce, asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower. The veggies were finely chopped with my mandoline which I'm still learning how to use. The garden food was sooo good. Fresh picked beats the grocery store by a longshot! My berry salad dressing had a whole bag of cherries (10 oz), and a half bag of blueberries and raspberries, and 2 Tbsp hemp seed, about 2/3 cup soy milk, and 1 Tbsp orange vinegar. It was a huge portion. And I enjoyed every bit of it (most of it eaten on my dinner salad).

Dinner was beans before the bike ride, and a giant bowl of the veggie salad & berry dressing afterwards.

You'd think that would amount to a lot of calories but the total was only 1500, with 65 g protein (14%), 278 g carbs (67%) and 33 g fat (19%). Since I finished dinner late, I'm not hungry but I wonder if I'll be more hungry tomorrow. It seems like I should be after that bike ride.